i want you to feel like you were hanging out with a friend and walked away with some amazing pictures


I'm full of simple honesty with mid-west charm. I believe there are never enough laughs, friends, and wine. I’m an absolute hopeless romantic- in my mind I am Nicholas Sparks lead character. I am passionate about animals & have the heart of a vegan, notice I said HEART, because let's be honest- a world without bacon?! I feel that hunger IS an emotion. I see the good in everything, which can be a flaw, but I'm alright with that. Goofball by day, wine drinking sunset watcher by night. Anything that comes out of Brandi Carlile and Stevie Nick's mouths is literally music to my ears- they can do no wrong.

 photo by Andria Lindquist

photo by Andria Lindquist

Connecting well with people is an understatement- much like my dog, I will assume I am new best friends with anyone I meet. Pretty much, I’m an open book and will literally tell you anything you would like to know.

My family is an extension of me. They aren't just a part of my life, but they are the reason I am who I am. If they are my limbs, then my boyfriend is the one who holds my feet to the ground. Collectively the people in my life are the most important thing to me and influence me as a person and a photographer.

I believe that photos are stories and I love being able to tell people's stories.  If you are looking for Pleasantville family photos with cardigans and pastels- I’m probably not the photographer for you. If you want an experience to capture moments in your life with emotion and fun then I’m PERFECT!! Click on over to the ‘I Want You’ Page to get this ball rollin!