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Karley & Gerard// Unalaska, Alaska


This will probably be one of my favorite elopements or weddings I will ever shoot.

Yes the couple was amazing and yes the scenery was PERFECT, but this was also a place we called home (and still do) for a handful of years and it will forever be one of my absolute favorite places on this earth.

We literally planned this whole wedding within 3 months and man was it a goooood one. Yes I got stuck in Anchorage for a little while due to weather, but in typical Alaskan fashion— I knew quite a few people at the airport and we made a night of it. I LUCKILY made it to the island and was there for a whole 48 hours haha! It was so worth it.

Take a nice scroll on this love story because I just can’t get enough. Congrats Parkers!

xoxo -Ali