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Hillary & Frank// Kentuck Knob Wedding


Ohhh these two. Where do I even begin. Another case of love at first sight, on my end anyway haha! I know I’ll be seeing these two again because we definitely made dinner plans that I’ll be taking them up on!

But really, what a freakin special day! Most of you don’t know that I have a degree in interior design and did that for some time before diving in to photography. When Hillary & Frank mentioned it was going to be at one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing creations I WAS 100% DOWNNNN! You had me at hello pretty much.

What would make this day even more perfect you ask?!?! A double rainbow DUH and whoop there she is. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it 100 more times…..standing in the rain is ALWAYS worth it.

Take a nice slow scroll because I love them and these photos and this day.

xoxo - Ali