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Brittany & Tyler// Colorado/ Engagement

hold my hand, I’ll go anywhere with you

Well Colorado-- we sure did try to plan for some nice weather, but snow greeted me when I landed, well played Denver. We waited for the snow to pass, then drove a few hours to spend the night in good 'ol Alamosa and then hiked up the sand dunes to create some awesome goodness and it was so worth it.

These two, where do I even begin. I've know Brittany since I was born. She is truly one of a kind. Always been on the adventurous side- and I am so glad she found Tyler to go on those adventures with her. I'm not going to lie, he is probably one of the greatest humans alive-- OK that was extreme, but honestly, he's a good one. Britt, ya did well.

I am BEYOND happy that the rest of their lives will be full of fun, spontaneity, and of course their fur-child Boomer, who steals hearts on the reg.

Wedding is in August and I cannot wait. We're comin for ya VAIL

xoxo - Ali    // music makes everything better, hit PLAY//