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Lindsey & Kenny// Columbus/ OH

yes yes and yes!! this was such a great day and I loved being able to capture all the 'awesomeness' that is these two!

if at any point in your life, you are as happy and as in love as they are--you, my friend, are exactly where you are supposed to be and don't ever let that go

as a photographer, there is nothing better than finding two people who connect so effortlessly! i'd hang with these two any day.

// like her look? look at the bottom of the blog for all the details on the clothing for this shoot//

take a nice slow scroll and hit play because lets be honest- music makes everything better!

xoxo -Ali

Get her look:

Valerie Dress $75 Vernacular

Morea Jumper $58.00 Vernacular

Sammie Flat $21 Vernacular

Meredith Heel $32 Vernacular