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Kim & David// Mexico Wedding

Sometimes you meet someone and you just know....yup I'm going to spend my life with this person. In this case-- that is exactly what happened. Kim called me the day after they met and told me how she found the perfect guy and is pretty sure they are going to get married. Two years and one awesome little guy named Brody later and here we are!

You may not always be sure about everything in your life, but one thing I can say is that these two were always sure about each other. The love they had for each other was immeasurable and when they said they were getting married in Mexico, well I started packing my bag (until I realized I lost my passport and had to rush order one 2 weeks before the ceremony, fail).

I love each of my weddings for different reasons, but this one hit home for me. I love seeing where two people WERE and where they are NOW. Just when you think they couldn't love each other more, life happens and I am so happy it did.

Take a long scroll with me <3

xoxo -Ali