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So that one time at photo camp, I had the best time ever!!!

A few years ago I discovered this awesome maternity session on, where else, Pinterest. After creeping for a while I am came across this photographer Andria Lindquist. After much stalking on her page, I was in awe at her amazing images and the way she incorporated her bold and beautiful personality into her brand and website. Fast forward--------> I saw that Andria was putting on photography workshops with small groups of ladies (about 10) in different cities. Regardless of what it took, my name was going to be on the next workshops list! AND WALA!

After discovering I got lucky spot #8, I couldn't wait to get there in March. This workshop was in San Diego which worked out well because I got to visit some family while I was there.

So what is this thing about?      - 10 lady photogs + 1 make up artist/ culinary genius/ yoga instructor + 1 Andria = 3 days of awesomeness. We learned about branding, social media, saying what you want from your biz, blogging <--hehe, shooting, yada yada! The great thing is that when you get that many awesome ladies in one house for a week- you know there is going to be a little dance party/wine/tequila/GoPro'ing fun.

Below is just a little peek at my time there:

When it comes down to it, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that was SOOOO worth it. Made friends with some super cool women and can't wait to see where we all go from here!

Plus- how cool is it to learn from someone you admire as a photographer and business woman!?! SO COOL :-)