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Dory & Rosalynn //

we were together, i forget the rest
— walt whitman

 I can easily say I've never edited a wedding blog post in one day BUT this weekend was pretty much amazing and I just couldn't help it!!!!

These two women have been together for ten years and on Saturday November 7th, they finally said I do.

The day was full of rain- golden shoes- pocket knives- pearls- and a whole lot of love. Friends and family were not just in attendance on Saturday, but they made the day what it truly was- a testament of love. From making the decorations, to showering them with toasts, it was an exceptional night celebrating their life together. They are surrounded by people who not only care about them, but will stand by their side throughout their life.

I wish more than a lifetime of happiness for the both of them. I already know it will be full of laughter and ever-growing love!!!

HIT PLAY & SCROLL AWAY!! I promise it is worth it xoxox -Ali